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David Goldman Reveals Story Behind The ‘Enema Of The State’ Shoot (PHOTOS)

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David Goldman Reveals Story Behind The ‘Enema Of The State’ Shoot (PHOTOS)

It’s been so long since I wrote anything in this blog that wordpress has totally changed the interface of the system. Ooh that is not a good thing for me. Last week I was made aware of a link about Janine Lindemulder who was the model I used for the Blink 182 Enema Of the State album cover back in 1999. Turns out time has not been great to her. I was a bit pissed that they showed the photo I took and it was all over the web. When the Huffington Post ran the photo they simply credited Amazon.com as if Amazon took the photo. So I contacted Kia Makarachi and he was kind enough to make the change to the credit and then asked me if I wanted to or minded being interviewed to ask about the shoot etc. I said sure and just the other day we spoke for a few minutes about the shoot and what I have been doing since and what my expectations would be after creating an image like that. Anyway it’s all here in the link, give it a read let me know what you think.



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Some very exciting news could be coming down the line in the next few days. I was at the Broken Social Scene show the other night in Central Park. Here are a couple of shots from that night. In this first shot you can see that sometimes it’s not at all about the band but more about the feel. Then in the next shot it’s all about the band. Rock N Roll!!


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Here are a few shots of OK GO I did a few years ago. Great band and super nice guys. Damian just wrote a great piece in the NY times about their record labels putting a stop to embedding videos and how their views have dropped from around 10,000 per day to around 1000. check out the article: http://nyti.ms/9DFYa9

Maynard James Keenan’s wine documentary “Blood into Wine”

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Since this site is new to me I will start uploading some interesting images I’ve got kicking around. This first one is of Maynard James Keenan of Tool, A Perfect Circle and Pucifer. He was in NY doing some press for his vineyard Caduceus that he runs in Arizona.