Getting Home

In Documentary work, Ethiopia, Giving Back on November 25, 2010 at 3:31 pm

Today is Thanksgiving; in the last 2 days I have seen a lifetime’s worth of suffering and physical tragedy at the Hamlin Fistula Hospital in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
A fistula is an avoidable but terrible injury that happens when a baby becomes stuck in the birth canal during a long labor, a tear forms between the birth canal and the bladder and/or the rectum as fragile cells are destroyed by the pressure from the still-born baby’s body.   As a result, a hole is formed causing incontinence for the woman.

I met, interviewed and photographed two very young women who arrived at the hospital over a month ago from a village more then 3 days drive away.  Even though they did not know each prior, their shared experience has brought them very close as has their successful recovery from surgery. Both lost their babies after multiple days in obstructed labor that resulted in obstetric fistula injuries.  The missionaries that delivered them to the hospital have not been able to raise enough money to take them home so they have been stuck…. waiting.

This is where my real purpose became clear today.  I am taking them home.  But the expense of a private car to travel to their village is an extreme expense for any Ethiopian and for me as well.  I need your help to get them home.

I am going to make sure they get back to their village safe and sound. They need my help and I need yours.

If you would like to donate to this cause please click on this paypal link

Or you can go to our SocialWish page and donate that way.

Any extra funds raised will go to the Hamlin Fistula Hospital in Addis Ababa.


  1. David, donations to you personally aren’t tax deductible. It doesn’t appear that Social Wish facilitates this either. Is there a tax deductible way to make a donation? What’s the taxi ride cost?

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