In Documentary work, Giving Back, Portraits on October 14, 2010 at 3:22 pm

So this is some big news. I will be going to Ethiopia in late Nov until early Dec to do some documentary photography covering Obstetric Fisutla. What is Obstetric Fistula: An obstetric fistula is an injury that happens to a mother during childbirth.  It occurs when the baby’s head gets stuck during labor. Essentially the baby is too big to be born through the vagina. The constant pressure of the head in the birth canal causes a tear or hole to form either between the bladder and vagina, the rectum and vagina, or both. As a result, the woman is rendered totally incontinent of urine and/or feces.  This condition does not heal on it’s own, surgery is the only option. I will be going with a great group of citizen journalists called Salaam Garage.  My trip has been made possible thanks to a generous gift from the The Fludzinski Foundation. I will be keeping up a blog on this as best as i can as I prepare and once I’m there. So follow along read, learn and contribute if you can. Here is a great little movie to watch if you are interested. It is a bit sad but well worth the time. It’s called  A Walk To Beautiful. So with that here is the first photo of what hopefully will be a great project, it’s of my Ethiopian Visa. Click here if you want to “meet” the rest of the team.

  1. G-D bless you, my special friend, for taking on such a gut-wrenching yet selfless task. Another reason to love you. I saw a piece on this a while back, and I was horrified. How can I help?


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