VFW 7096

In Documentary work on December 2, 2009 at 12:36 pm

I’ve been spending some time at the VFW 7096 in Brooklyn of late. Getting to know the guys that hang out there. This is Kenny he is the commander of the post and basically runs the place. His brother Kevin (Kev) also hangs out there. Even their mother is part of it. there is a big disconnect with the members of the VFW now since most of the people that hang out there are veterans from Vietnam and Korea with a few of the WW2 guys as well. Since there is about a 25 year difference from Vietnam and the gulf war it’s hard to get the new guys into the VFW. They are losing members due to old age etc and are desperately in need of new members but the young guys simply do not want to hang out there. Nobody wants war but in order to keep the membership up places like the VFW need new members and the only way to get new members is to have war…. Sounds like irony to me. I will continue to upload more photos  in the following days and weeks.

  1. Great shot! Great place and people to meet! I hope this is one of your samples for the site.
    Thanks David,

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